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About Sharp Financial Services

For more than forty years, Jack Sharp of Sharp Financial Services has been educating and assisting Jonesboro residents with safe money planning for the retirement years.  He established Sharp Financial Services in 1984 with the purpose of offering independent, unbiased counsel to pre-retirees and retirees for growing and protecting their life savings and the distribution of that savings in the most advantageous manner, helping to build bright financial futures for Northeast Arkansas area residents.  In most cases, Sharp Financial Services is able to assist you to:

  • Safely grow your account value for retirement;
  • Transition your investment strategy from accumulation to preservation;
  • Rollover your 401(k) or IRA for retirement;
  • Plan for the distribution of your retirement savings to last the duration of the retirement years;
  • Reduce unnecessary taxes in retirement;
  • Prevent financial hardship from unexpected health care costs;
  • Avert Medicaid spend-down;
  • Coordinate with legal advisors to create a trust, will and estate plan;
  • Avoid the high costs of probate;
  • Ensure a proper transition of an estate and reduce unnecessary taxes and legal fees; and
  • Plan a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

As a licensed, independent investment advisory and insurance agency, we focus on the unique needs of each of our clients and work to protect their life savings and accomplish their financial goals, while working to ensure peace of mind and quality of life in the retirement years. Each plan receives our undivided attention and ongoing support.  An annual assessment is provided to each of our clients to help make certain their unique plan continues to meet its objectives as market conditions, offerings and client’s needs change.

Plan for your bright financial future with Sharp Financial Services.